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In terms of its artistic endeavours the company MECANIkA has a more global approach to performance and creativity. Time is made to experiment and to hold discussions with the public, with great importance given to teaching.

This time for sharing linked to the dramatic creations depends on each show or plan for a show, the audience and collaborations. It can take various forms: artistic laboratories, workshops, meetings, master classes, etc.
Educational experiences are also available in various forms.
Content is always related to the artistic research conducted by the company around animating the subject, the body, images, projections, sound and new image and movement technologies, visual arts, etc.  

© Paulo Duarte  | ©  Susana Neves  | © Kari Vainio

Paulo Duarte has a wealth of experience in teaching. First of all, he was a visual arts teacher after studying at the École des Beaux-arts. Then, after his course at the ESNAM (École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette), he ran several courses and workshops, frequently speaking at certain schools and universities.

For example: the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona, Spain), AMK (Turku, Finland), Paul Valery University - Montpellier 3, ESNAM - École Supérieure National des Arts de la Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières, TJP – CDN Grand Est, La Vignette –Paul Valery University subsidised theatre, Le Mouffetard in Paris, Escola do Ballet Teatro in Porto.


His courses vary enormously in terms of format, he offers discovery and awareness-raising courses, as well as productions in professional situations with art students.

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