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Image theatre, contemporary puppets

MECANIkA’s goal is to develop and explore contemporary puppets, interacting with other contemporary artistic fields, in a form known as image theatre.

MECANIkA is a look at contemporary reality and how we are the representatives. Various productions by the founder of the company, Paulo Duarte, throughout his career, whether in the world of visual or performing arts, constitute a very specific and unique view in a metaphorical and modern reality.

His proposals continually seek an image to convey meaning, from the initial impetus, the driver of a project, to the image that forms the visual/plastic portrayal. It may be natural or artificial, visual or not, tangible or conceptual; it may directly resemble its model or on the contrary be more symbolically connected. The image is conceived through a specific language. Translations, or rather, constant interpretations through images, create a complex truth, imbued with paradoxes. Although they seem unambiguous. The image opens out the space, complicates reality.

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