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This show proposes an intense and illusory universe, evocative of the world at night and shadows. All of these black and white characters are intriguing due to the specific strangeness that they emanate. They harness childhood fears, ones that emerge at night, in the dark and dreams. Everything comes to life when the light goes out in the evening in the children’s bedroom. Like in a dream, the characters that inhabit our imagination come to life. The story unfolds here in a funny and poetic interplay confronting these age-old fears. How do we deal with fears at night, shadows, chiaroscuro and these ambiguous characters, straight out of fairy tales?



‘Pour bien dormir’ is thought of as a visual narrative, immersion in poetic encounters with these fantastic, loveable yet heartless creatures, so close to our fears, temptations and desires.

This narrative emerging from the shadows will be accompanied by original music by Morgan Daguenet. It will be present from when rehearsals begin to participate in creating this machine. The music is seen as a full-blown protagonist in this story. Sound is regarded as an entity on the same basis as the puppet characters, shadows and space.  

The simple form, with one puppeteer and one musician on tour and technical autonomy enables this show to adapt to a multitude of performance spaces.

Première in November 2020 as part of the Marionettissimo Festival.

© Paulo Duarte/Tjalling Houkema



Paulo Duarte, Tjalling Houkema 

Interpretation Paulo Duarte

Sound universe and programming 

Morgan Daguenet 

Light design and programming 

Fabien Bossard 

Artistic collaboration Igor Gandra


Scenography builder 

Nathalie Maufroy

Thanks to Marta Izquierdo Munoz


A production 



This show is co-produced by MIMA-Association Filentrope, the Association Bouillon Cube, the theatre Le Périscope and the Association Marionnettissimo, with the support of the Occitanie Region within the framework of the "residences associations" scheme.

Mima, Mirepoix | Marionnettissimo, Tournefeuille | Théâtre du Périscope, Nîmes | Bouillon Cube, Causse De La Selle | Usinotopie, Villemur-Sur-Tarn |   Espace Périphérique, Paris |  Au Bout Du Plongeoir, Thorigné-Fouillard - Rennes | Jardin Parallèle, Reims |  Le théâtre des Quatre saisons, Gradignan | Teatro de Ferro, Porto (Pt) | Fimp, Porto (Pt) | Momix, Kingersheim

With the support of DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée, Région Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditérranée, Spedidam and Collectif En Jeux

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