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NOVO takes a dreamlike, amused, tragic and contemplative look at the city and people living in it. This multi-dimensional project examines the relationship between the banal but dizzyingly complex material reality of the city and the utter uniqueness of the simplest human situations. The project in its entirety tackles the issue that has come up hundreds of times regarding the portrayal of a city using a wide variety of registers.


NOVO is presented in three versions:


The stage version is called NOVO – La Nuit.

From a visual standpoint, in each of these versions (visual/stage/workshop) the project endeavours to reproduce the powerful sensations generated by a city and to demonstrate the infinite overlays of the constituent techniques and materials.

NOVO is in line with the logical sequence of steps undertaken by Paulo Duarte in experimenting with contemporary means of expression and the opportunities that they offer to depict the modern world.

Are contemporary cities, like contemporary airports – all the same? Can this convergence be theorised? (…) Convergence is only possible if we get rid of identity.

Rem KOOLHAAS – in Junkspace, Manuels Payot 1995, 2001

© Nicolas Lelievre | ©  Susana Neves



Conception Paulo Duarte

Artistic collaboration Nicolas Lelièvre and Morgan Daguenet

Artistic direction for the direction of NOVO - La Nuit Mila Dargies

Construction and programming 

« Robot Eri » Paulo Duarte and Michel Ozeray

Puppets Paulo Duarte

Programming and sound universe Morgan Daguenet

Light design and stage management Louis Guerry

Set construction Emmanuelle Debeusscher

Conception, direction and documentation of the workshop NOVO Nicolas Lelièvre

Thanks to Fabien Bossard  and Igor Gandra

A production 


Coproduction and residencies

La Vignette, scène conventionnée Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 | Salle Guy Ropartz, Ville de Rennes | ARS Numerica - MA scène Nationale, pays de Montbéliard | Espace Périphérique - La Villette à Paris | TJP - Centre Dramatique National Grand Est | La Fabrique Chantenay, Ville de Nantes | Au Bout du Plongeoir - plateforme artistique de rencontres et création Thorigné-Fouillar - Rennes

With the support of DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée


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