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ARCHIVES 2002-2012

© Nicolas Lelievre | © Christophe Loiseau  | © Estelle Chaigne  | © Paulo Duarte  | © MECANIKA 


Through an exploration of fragmentation – where Mila Dargies' personal writing intertwines with Paulo Duarte's object-puppets – ANDERE presents a visually refined universe where the performer's body encounters multiple facets that compose a visual definition of the intimate. Oscillating between abstraction and realism, ANDERE interacts with the performer, colliding with and affecting their inner world. While it may seem that "hell is other people," it is not impossible that one can be the source of their own troubles. However, navigating through these states, regardless of their origin, involves a transformation that reveals a different aspect of ourselves.

Concept and performance by Mila Dargies, Paulo Duarte

Dramaturge and translator Sabine Macher

Lighting design by Fabien Bossard

Artistic collaboration by Nuria Legarda

Programming by Morgan Daguenet

Special thanks to Henricke Kohpeiß

A MECANIkA production

Co-produced by MA scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard / La Vignette - Scène conventionnée Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier

With the support of DRAC Occitanie and the Occitanie Region, and in residency at TJP - CDN Strasbourg Grand Est, CAO - Centro de Artes de Ovar (pt)



MR KAT    (show for children)


An adaptation…
…an ordinary day and a red and white line!

In this visual and musical adaptation of a colorful album,De staart van meneer Kat by Tjalling Houkema, three performers play together and explore their complementary universes. From video to music, from installations to manipulation, the magic happens and the story takes shape. Several bird characters thus walk along a curious red and white line… At the end of this line a character is revealed with an enigmatic smile: Mr. Kat!

Freely Inspired of the graphic work De staart van meneer Kat from Tjalling Houkema

From and with Fabien BOSSARD, Morgan DAGUENET and Paulo DUARTE

Exterior view Christelle HUNOT

Construction of scenographic structure Pierre-Yves JAMAUX

 Thanks to Cécile Bellat, Faustine Beuve, Eric Deroost, Benoit Gasnier, Amanda Silva, Nino Duarte



With the support of Au Bout du Plongeoir (Thorigné-Fouillard), TjP – Grand Est National Drama Center



PLUG creates a virtual status of wandering on the stage. This show explores various ways of introducing and integrating spectators in an ever-changing visual space. The internet is a fertile ground for meandering. For web users it represents a window of opportunity to all permutations and fictions. Friction between reality and virtual are therefore at the forefront of the dramatic narrative of this creation. Intrigued by the net‘s resources, the character PLUG, the ‘connected’ person, considered part of the machine, is captured in a spider web where identity multiplies, where the porous plausibility is readily penetrated by with anomalies. PLUG is therefore less a pure reconstitution of the web environment than a stroll allowing for bewilderment, the accidental, astonishment and fantasy, through the extensive virtual arena.

Conception Paulo Duarte

Creative interpretation

Paulo Duarte, Pierre Tual, Uta Gebert
Sound universe, programming, video interfaces Morgan Daguenet
Light design and stage management 

Fabien Bossard
Dramaturgy Celine Cartillier


A production MECANIkA 
Coproduction TNB – Théâtre National de Bretagne, Festival Mettre en Scène, Rennes, MA Scène Nationale de Montbéliard – [ars]numerica,
Le Manège de Mons, CECN2 Centre Écritures Contemporaines Numériques, L’Aire Libre, scène conventionnée pour le théâtre/Saint Jacques de la Lande, DICRéAM – Dispositif pour la Création Artistique Multimédia / CNC, FR
With the support of DRAC Bretagne,
Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Conseil Général d’Ile et Vilaine, Ville de Rennes, FIMFA, Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas, Lisbonne (PT)
Teatro de Ferro, Porto (PT)






Is it possible to face reality when it is portrayed so darkly in our daily newspapers? Mr D tries his luck and immerses himself with great gusto into the news.

MECANIkA encourages reflection through this small form of visual theatre combining shadow, light, video, puppet and DIY.

DEEP NEWS #2 is a miniature form of visual theatre blending several techniques. It’s a metaphor for the power of the imagination connecting daily news from a paper and the most intimate fantasies. In a space that is urban and routine at the beginning, a reader is surrounded by imaginary beings, compelled to eventually plunge… the ultimate mise en abime is an image of an everlasting return.

The miniature stage draws the spectator close to the making of the images between illusion and technical honesty.

Conception et interpretation Paulo Duarte
Light Fabien Bossard
Programming and music Morgan Daguenet
Thanks Boualeme Ben-Gueddach


A production MECANIkA 

Petite forme de théâtre visuel créée à l’occasion du VI Great Small Works Toy Theater Festival (NY), janvier 2003. Recréation en 2013 sous le titre DEEP NEWS # 2 – la même histoire racontée autrement.



‘Alminhas’ (little souls): popular Portuguese expression designating a monument on the side of a path that marks an event. Petites âmes is about the way in which memory is formed. Spirits pass through and objects remain. Petites âmes attempts to mark the spirits of the living, to leave a trace and question our notion of time.
Through Petites âmes, Paulo Duarte proposes a poetic and visual universe that relates to and questions memory. Play on perception and visual impairment question the subjectivity of memory, the body conveying experience.


Conception and interpretation Paulo Duarte
Sound universe, programming, video interfaces Morgan Daguenet
Video  Nicolas Lelièvre
Light design and stage management Fabien Bossard

Artistic collaboration  Renaud Herbin and Julika Mayer

A production MECANIkA
Coproduction Bonlieu – scène nationale d’Annecy, LàOù – marionnette contemporaine, Rennes




Écumes is a show loosely inspired by the world of Boris Vian.

The human body changes its presence. The character called Chloé, performed by a dancer, dematerialises as and when the puppets and video intervene. Colin’s body forms as the play progresses …from a single eye to a complete anthropomorphic form. His aim to reach Chloé fails when Chloé turns into pixels. The space and objects are also worked along these lines.


Creation end direction Paulo Duarte and Nuria Legarda
Music Tyler Futrell
Video editing Mélanie Pavy
Light design Julián Arnau
Artistic collaborations David Girondin Moad, Miguel Rubio, Teresa Garcia

A production Pseudonymo (FR) N Naranja (ES)
Coproduction A Tarumba, Lisbonne (PT), O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-O-Novo (PT), ORCCA, La Comédie de Reims, Espace Périphérique - La Villette, MIRA !(ES/FR/PT), Festival Internacional de Teatre Visual i Tittelles, Barcelone (ES), Generalitat de Catalunya (ES)
With the support of Erre Que Erre, Barcelone (ES) 





Loosely inspired by the eponymous work by Fernando Pessoa


The notion of drifting and wandering is central to this work. It is at play through the multiplicity of identities, one of the Portuguese speaking poet’s favourite themes. In this solo combining puppets and projections, the visual and dramatic universe appeals to a mental journey.

Conception and interpretation Paulo Duarte
Light design and stage management Boualeme Ben-Gueddach
Sound design and original theme Julien Rigaud
Artistic collaborations David Girondin Moab and Judith Perron


A production Pseudonymo

Coproduction Institut International de la Marionnettes, Charleville-Mézières, Festival Scènes Ouvertes à L’insolite, Paris

With the support of DRAC – Champagne Ardennes



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