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Through research into fragmentation - where the voice of Mila Dargies and Paulo Duarte’s objects/puppets co-exist, ANDERE provides a visual and sleek world, where the performer‘s body goes hand in hand with multiple dimensions that form a visual definition of intimacy.
A fine balancing act between abstraction and realism, ANDERE interacts and makes contact with the performer, to a point where it affects his/her inner world. It may seem like ‘hell is other people’, but it is also possible to be the source of one’s inner torment. Nonetheless, crossing these states, regardless of their source, initiates a transformation revealing us to ourselves in another light.


From the outset, ANDERE was a visual theatre project about the multi-faceted feeling of jealousy. What we are focussing on here is exploring the power of a multi-dimensional feeling and the way in which it affects our private space and the image that we have of ourselves.
Paulo Duarte‘s objects, materials and puppets represent multi-faceted feelings. These ‘others’ who inhabit the internal world of the character of Mila Dargies interact with her and collide with her. The workmanship of these objects involves using various textures and consistencies that make the complexity visible. It is not about illustrating the texts here but creating a full-blown visual world.

© Brice Robert | ©  Paul Duarte



Conception and performance Mila Dargies, Paulo Duarte


Dramaturgy and translation Sabine Macher 

Light design Fabien Bossard 

Artistic collaboration Nuria Legarda

Programming Max Msp Morgan Daguenet


Thanks to Henricke Kohpeiß

A production 


Coproduction MA - Scène nationale Pays de Montbéliard / La Vignette - Scène conventionnée Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier

With the support of DRAC Occitanie and Région Occitanie and, for residencies, TJP - CDN Strasbourg Grand Est, CAO - Centro de Artes de Ovar (pt)


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